096 – Leaving Things Behind

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Our lives are works of art that sometimes look a lot more Goya than Rockwell. Like art, our lives are full of complexities, richness, and stories that are open to the interpretation of each individual who experiences them. Music and literature also share the fluidity of perception. Ink, paint, notes, life experiences…all true. You can see them, touch them, hear them, live them, but they’re not the complete story. They’re part of the whole that challenges each of us to discover what we need from them in the moment.

It can be tough, though, to see our past in these terms, as fluid. After all, the impact our past experiences have on us is, in this metaphor, the brush that defines the line or the pen that shapes each letter. The total sum of the parts makes us who we are: Yes!

But it’s ok to look again, with new eyes – more experienced eyes – and seek the deeper meanings. To find the symbolism of strength and resilience, of power and abundance. It’s ok, but sometimes not easy. Sometimes, the blocks are attachments that only keep you from shining your brightest.

Today, we are discussing what it means to redefine your story and how to handle the anxiety or fear that may show up when we realize that we need to leave some things behind in order to live into our new chapters. Sometimes, these are people, family or friends, and sometimes they’re habits or thoughts.

Whatever it is that seeks to keep you in a story that no longer serves you, we know how challenging it can be to let go. We hope you enjoy today’s episode and grab your copy of “Heal Your Soul: 5 Practices for an Empowered Life.”

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Have you ever consciously made a change that allows you to live more fully into a new version of yourself? What feelings came up when you knew you had to leave things behind that no longer serve you? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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