093 – Living a Soul-Guided Life: An Interview with Laurel Geise


Dr. Laurel Geise

We are honored to welcome Dr. Laurel Geise to Vagina Chronicles Podcast today. Laurel is the CEO and founder of The Geise Group, an international speaker and Strategic Business Consultant, as  well as inspirational author.

Laurel’s personal spiritual journey led her to the write her beautiful, inspirational book The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life. She joins us on this episode to share how we can all tap into our own divine nature in order to live a life of purpose and integrity.

With Laurel’s guidance, you will learn how to soul journal, a wonderful daily practice that will help you find your authentic voice with love… whatever spiritual practice you currently follow, Laurel’s wisdom is like a soothing balm.

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We hope you enjoy this gorgeous, inspiring, loving interview and please take advantage of Laurel’s free guide and 10-day class on soul journaling!

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