020 – Unslutting Culture – Stop Slut Shaming and Embrace the Sexuality of All People – An Interview with Zoe Grimm

Unslutting Culture

photo by Dennis Brekke

This week, Toni and Angela are joined by fellow podcast host Zoe Grimm of The Vodka Press Podcast to talk about unslutting our culture.

What does “unslutting” mean, you ask? It’s about ending sexual bullying and slut shaming. Too many women and men experience the pain of being bullied because of other’s ignorant ideas about how they should behave. There are infinite ways in which people express (or choose not to express) their sexuality and each person should have acceptance and normalcy (barring those who take advantage of or cause pain to non-consensual persons). Listen in as the ladies talk about this fabulous topic!

Zoe, along with hosts Kit Bangles and Karly Kingsley, use The Vodka Press Podcast as a medium for furthering conversations about the stuff that matters…plus, they share some great cocktail recipes for you to enjoy! True to the purpose of those of us who seek the empowerment of others, Zoe also gives some great tips for anyone looking to start their own podcast…She’s pretty awesome, people, so pay attention to this young woman!

Websites mentioned in this episode:

The Vodka Press Podcast

You can also download TVP on: iTunes

Movements mentioned in this episode:

Emily Lindin’s UnSlut Project

Free the Nipple

Listen To The Full Episode:

The gist of this convo – Be who you really are with grace. And, for goodness sake, allow others to do the same! We all only have this one shot at life…use yours to make someone else’s journey just a little bit easier!

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      Thank you so much! We loved talking with Zoe. We are also thrilled to know that TVP is out there for podcast listeners and we would love to come over to TVP sometime! Thank you for the invitation.



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