004 – From Surviving to Thriving: Dealing with Substance Abuse – Interview with Stella

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How do you deal with a loved one with an addiction? What is “tough love” and when should you use it? If you are an addict, where can you go for help?

In this episode, Angela and Toni interview Stella, a substance abuse counselor, in order to uncover and heal the shame many people experience when living with an addict – or an addiction of their own. Stella shares the gut-wrenching story of her family’s addiction and abuse and how that led to her life’s work. With strength and candidness, Stella gives us some of the tools that can help us all move from surviving to thriving.

 Support Groups mentioned in this episode:

  • ACoA – Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • NA – Narcotics Anonymous
  • AA – Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Al-Anon – “Strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers”

 Books mentioned in this episode:

This is by no means an exhaustive list of helpful resources. Please tell us what tools you (or a loved one) have used to deal with addiction in the comment section below.

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