Improv for a Better Life!

I grew up taking acting and improv classes. I grew up in a world filled with stages, props, costumes and wild imaginations offered up by teachers, classmates and playwrights.

Having that as the backdrop and foundation from which I grew and came to be a woman has served me well. I learned early on that putting yourself out there with only your body and voice and imagination creates magical moments that can create laughter, tears and new ideas about life. I learned that you can make mistakes on stage and keep rolling because the show must go on. It was such an amazing life lesson to learn at such a young age. We all make mistakes, don’t say what we want when we want and yet, life must go on. But after practice and time you begin to get out of your head and just say what you want when you want and not be attached to the outcome. Improv teaches you that.

These lessons learned on stage start to seep into our being and go with us wherever we go. Many people think that acting is just about the show, about the spotlight, about being an extrovert… it can be, but it can also be about a world of self-exploration, especially the study and practice of improv. Yes, if you’re an introvert, practicing the art of improv will definitely move you beyond your comfort zone, but it’s for you, too.

Because improv is about learning to be comfortable in your own skin.

It’s about learning to trust your choices and go with them. It’s about seeing that a mistake is only a mistake in your mind and can be turned into something magical on stage and in life, too.

Practicing improv helps you learn to connect with people by listening and accepting their choices and building off of them. It builds life skills that you can take into any conversation or life experience. Learning to say, “yes, and…” can help you build stronger relationships in the office and at home.

That’s why Angela and I developed an improv class that’s not really about the acting but about using this amazing exercise to help us find the real story in all of us. Using improv exercises allows us to tap into our truth and our gifts. It helps us find the place within all of us that says, “Yes!” to life, to our ideas, to our wants, to our gifts.

It’s something everyone should explore at least once in their life.

Our 8-week workshop will be offered at The Acre Orlando starting January 12, 2016. Classes will be held every Tuesday evening from 7-9PM through March 1. You can sign up for the class by visiting


Angela & Toni cracking up at The Acre Orlando. 

by Nicolle Masters (“Toni Vizard” on VC Podcast)

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