019 – Healthy Relationships – How To Tell If You Have One and What To Do If You Don’t – An Interview with Starr Burgess

Are you in a healthy relationship? It may seem like that’s an easy question, but lots of people don’t really know the answer. Why? Because many of us don’t know what actually constitutes a “healthy” connection. Oftentimes, women stay in relationships for the wrong reasons (ever try to “save” someone and make them a better man?). Sometimes, the relationship even turns into an abusive situation that seems impossible to get out of.

In this episode, Angela and Toni talk to Starr Burgess, Licensed Professional Counselor, about what a healthy relationship is composed of and how we can get one, if we don’t already have one. Not surprisingly, one of the most important elements in finding a fulfilling, respectful, and compassionate mate – Take care of yourself!

Starr BurgessStarr offers simple-to-understand steps on how to set boundaries, how to tell your partner what you need, and what to do if you are in an abusive situation. By the way, if that abuse is severe enough to consider it, call the police right now!

Starr explains how a counselor fits into building healthy relationships and guides listeners through how to find a counselor that works for you! Counseling is a tremendous benefit when the right match is made. Starr runs her private practice, Life Menders Counseling, with a dedication to helping people to love themselves and change their lives. If you live in the Pflugerville, Round Rock, Austin, or neighboring community in Texas, contact Starr at the link below.

Websites mentioned in this episode:

If you’re in an abusive relationship, please check out these resources:

If you do not live in the Central Florida area, please search for a local domestic violence help center near you! These are wonderful places that can help you get the support you need to leave an abusive situation!

And if you are in a wonderfully supportive, communicative, safe relationship…Awesome! Share your joy with others so they see what a healthy partnership looks like! Love!

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