016 – Learn to Say “Pick Me!” for Jobs You Deserve and “No, Thanks!” to Those You Don’t Have Time for… And How to Tell the Difference – An Interview with JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo
Speaker and Author for Professional Women

Do you know how to effectively negotiate a raise? How about how to say “No” to the multitude of people asking for a share of your precious time in a way that keeps you guilt-free?

Entrepreneur and speaker JJ Di Geronimo joins the ladies to give listeners advice about how to be a “purposeful woman.” JJ shares the effective strategies she has developed over her career as a technology executive, author, and president of Purposeful Woman and Tech Savvy Women.

As a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,Math) advocate, JJ helps women of all ages to aim in a different direction than society asks of us and shoot for careers in the STEM fields. JJ passionately asks women to raise their hands and start saying “Pick me!,” even if we don’t have all the answers – get involved in the process of creating and developing ideas and projects!

You will learn how to get the position and salary you deserve, as well as how to negotiate a raise. JJ also guides us through the guilt-laden terrain of saying “no” when asked for help.

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