Welcome: This is Vagina Chronicles Podcast!

Toinette Vizard and Angela Stoner are so excited to bring Vagina Chronicles Podcast to you.

They have been addressing women’s issues for nine years. It started in 2005, when they produced a play called, To Silence Me is To Silence…, which broke the silence of one childhood sexual abuse survivor. That collaborative experience sealed the deal for Angela and Toinette on the love they had for working together. In 2011, they co-produced with multiple artists and writers a performance art piece, Breaking Plates, which brought many women together to share their stories of surviving rape and sexual abuse. And in 2013, Toni and Angela came together with their Producer, Pavel Amelishko, to bring the world Vagina Chronicles Podcast.

This show is the love-child of Angela and Toni. They bring VC Podcast to you with the intention of making the lives of women easier. They bring women’s issues of all kind, to the forefront, and they address them in a way that will bring tears to your eyes in one moment and send you rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter, in the next moment. They inspire, empower, educate, and entertain in every episode.

They bring experts to you so that you can learn from the best when it comes to things you really want to know about.

They talk about tough topics that might be hard for you to address with your friends or family like sexual abuse, rape, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

Toni and Angela will also talk about things that are on the lighter side of life – like managing unruly hair growing in the wrong places, personal integrity, and gratitude, to name a few.

They are looking forward to inspiring millions of women to be who they are meant to be,and to giving you knowledge about things that will change your life forever…for the better.